#NYIT Event: Get on the Fast Track



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Who’s willing to go out on a limb for you? Who’s willing and has the power to push, pull and promote you where and when it counts? Who will tell you the real truth about your work and your executive presence? Sponsors provide a competitive career advantage, providing stretch assignments, essential feedback and opportunities for advancement. Learn how to increase your visibility and how to initiate and steward these career changing relationships. I will share the content in a fast paced interactive presentation then senior level leaders will share lessons learned and tough truths about cultivating and appreciating sponsor relationships.

Bring your executive presence & join the conversation.

Dr. Karen Pennington, Montclair State, Vice President Student Development & Campus Life

Dr. Salvador Mena, Rutgers University, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Mr. Ed Cabellon, Bridgewater State, Assistant to the Vice President

Dr. Amy Hecht, The College of New Jersey, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Patrick Love, New York Institute of Technology, Vice President for Student Affairs

Mr. Kenneth Holmes, John Jay College, Assistant Vice President

Special thanks to Dr. Patrick Love, VPSA, NYIT

This session is based on the research of Dr. Sylvia Hewlett, Center for Talent and Innovation

Maximizing #ACUHOI 2014 (for you)



We all want different things and our “end game” is uniquely ours.   What do you want to achieve at ACUHOI?  Professional development dollars are scarce and as good stewards of your university assets how will you maximize your time in DC?  As always I have some suggestions…take what you like & leave the rest behind.

1. ACUHOI hosts a Scholar in Residence who presents and hosts office hours.  This 1-1 time with a leader in the field has great potential.  Potential for a life long friendship, a future professional collaboration, for the exchange of career changing advice and ideas.  So review the work of Dr. Penny Pasque and get on her schedule.

2. Thank someone.  Have you been the beneficiary of any great initiatives the ACUHOI Foundation has funded?  Thank a board member for their work to raise the money. Thank Major Donors- Individual & Corporate who continue to invest in our profession.  We do what gets rewarded…your thanks is an act of stewardship that may encourage the donor to continue their investment.

3. Share your career aspirations-out loud.  You may be surprised & thrilled by the responses from other ACUHOI professionals.  Some may encourage, others may offer to assist, collaborate or connect you to your dreams. Know that none of us will get to our end game on our own and many of us love the opportunity to pay forward the generosity of past sponsors and mentors.  Allow others to help you achieve your dreams.

Bonus Idea: Follow the keynotes and other speakers on Twitter – engage in the ACE convo before you arrive & use the Guidebook app to connect and maximize your engagement before, during & after the conference.

T.J. Sullivan

Dr. Penny Pasque

President Kevin Rome

Elaine Penn

Dr. Philip G. Altbach


There are so many other ways to max out ACUHOI but I’m over my word limit already so please comment and share your great ideas and suggestions below! Thank you!

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2014 Career Fast Track: Sponsors & Executive Presence



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Since 2011 I’ve been presenting on the “sponsor effect” and “executive presence”.  All of the presentations are based on the work of Dr. Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Economist and founding President of the Center for Talent Innovation.   Dr. Hewett in her writing and speaking effectively “names” and shines a light on how sponsor relationships can dramatically impact your career trajectory.  I’ve found Dr. Hewlett’s work to be directly applicable to higher education and careers in student affairs. Sponsoring outstanding professionals is one of the fastest ways to positively impact our field and our outcomes.  Sponsors like mentors have always been here. Looking back I now recognize many instances of sponsorship in my career and feel very grateful for the opportunities I was provided.  Hewlett has “named” these actions and differentiated them from mentoring in a very meaningful way. She also writes specifically about women and professionals of color and the impact of sponsorship can have on their career.  I’ve provided some highlights and some hyperlinks to Dr. Hewlett’s writing and research to get you started.

Some highlights:

“Women are over mentored and under sponsored.”

“Mentors give, sponsors invest.”

“Sponsors choose you and sponsorship begins with excellent work.”

Additionally her work provides important insights on:

  • how sponsors can fast-track your career
  • how mentors and sponsors differ
  • the value and importance of executive presence
  • how to avoid sponsorship tripwires and backlash
  • sponsor expectations
  • 2+1 rule for sponsors
  • the value of real feedback

My presentations typically include guest stars from student affairs who share personal stories about the impact of sponsors on their career as well as how they choose professionals to sponsor.  Recently, Dr. Laura Wankel, Mr. PaPresentation2trick Day and Dr. Shaun Harper provided powerful insights from their careers at our session at NASPA West in Salt Lake City.   As always I’m happy to chat with you about maximizing your career in higher education and I’ll be continuing to present on the Sponsor Effect and Executive Presence at conferences and workshops nationally.

Learn more now:

Dr. Sylvia Hewlett -bio

The Sponsor Effect: Breaking through the Last Glass Ceiling

(Forget a Mentor) Find A Sponsor by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Executive Presence –Watch for Dr. Hewlett’s new book out in March 2014 on this topic

Twitter: @sylviahewlett

Harvard Business Review articles– This series is outstanding!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!  Let me know what you think…

Do you have a sponsor(s)? How have you sponsored others? Do others see your great work?  How will you increase your visibility this year?

Lean In TPE & NASPA 2013!



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lean-in_custom-575cb1cc7e2e0e704abfffbc2a0ce498dafad0f8-s6-c10Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, Sheryl Sandberg’s new book is out today!  If you are a woman or have a woman in your life that you look up to, enjoy or love this is well worth your time. It’s filled with statistics, stories and calls to action.  Some stats you already know, some may be new and I hope they make you angry enough to take action.  The stories will resonate with many and some who read will be surprised at Sandberg’s perspectives and the feelings they evoke.  It is with these stats and stories in mind that I challenge you at TPE and NASPA.

“I do not believe there is one definition of 
success or happiness.  Not all women want careers. Not all women want 
children. Not all women want both. I would never advocate that we should
all have the same objectives.” - Sheryl Sandberg

Choose your goals and own them.  We all want very different things so chase your unique dreams and encourage others.  Let’s all lend a hand at the conference and help the woman next to us.  This is not a competition.   Let’s talk compensation, work environments, and great leadership.  Let’s share information and make sure the women who are getting offers are also negotiating the very best deal.  Shared intelligence levels the playing field and allows all of us to win.  To do this we need to share information, judge less and give more.

 “Women attribute their success to working hard, luck, and 
help from other people,while men credit their own skills.”
                                      -Sheryl Sandberg

Attribute your success and accomplishments to your core skills, experiences and talents.  My friend, Ellen Heffernan coaches SSAO level candidates to balance “I” and “we” in interviews.   Own your career success to demonstrate your ability to lead and share the glory when the accomplishment was the result of the team’s effort.

  “It’s wonderful when senior men mentor women. It’s even better when 
they champion and sponsor them.  Any male leader who is serious about 
moving toward a more equal world can make this a priority and be part 
of the solution.” -Sheryl Sandberg

Be visible, raise your hand and take important assignments. Great work attracts the attention of influential sponsors and champions.  How you are involved, invested and engaged at NASPA gets noticed.    Intentionally add value, ask for what you want then follow-up and follow through.

 It’s time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table, 
seek challenges,and lean in to their careers.”  -Sheryl Sandberg

Highlight and celebrate the successes, awards and contributions of our sisters at NASPA. Let’s focus less on the outfits and more on the outcomes.    Let’s pay more attention to what is said, explained and discussed and less on what is worn.  Let’s encourage each other to aspire, to take the lead and to own our power.  With a word, a look, or a smile we have the ability to lift and make TPE/NASPA even better.  Let’s do this on purpose.

I received an advance copy of this book a few weeks ago.  All it took was one request to a very talented and fabulous friend to secure this book before it was released. What do you want at TPE and NASPA? Are you willing to ask for it?  I encourage you to read LEAN IN and to lean in to what you want, need and deserve.

Wishing you a fantastic TPE & NASPA experience.  My best-T

 Additional resources:

Check out Renee Dowdy’s Facebook post and the book clubs she is organizing around the book.

Also check out these links: Lean In, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & @sherylsandberg

Maximizing ACE 2012


There are 24 days until the annual ACUHO-I Conference and Exposition! Take time each day and do some work to make the most of your professional development investment and experience! To assist I will share suggestions and ideas from ACUHO-I friends and s/heroes.  Take these ideas to action by reflecting and planning in ways that meet your needs.  Modify, finesse and develop each idea to work for you and your unique needs and goals.  Choose actions that excite you, push you, scare you and move you forward. This could be your best ACE ever!

June 14, 2012

Determine your ACE Goals.  

What do you want to do, achieve, learn, acquire, bring back to your team? Who do you want to meet, connect, hear speak, help, invite, celebrate or see? How will you engage, volunteer, participate, relax, rejuvenate, give, and add value?  Think about these things now so you can be intentional with your time and talent.

Please share your best conference goal setting advice, tools, techniques & apps!  Thanks!

Next: The Plan  A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Larry Elder

Photo used under Creative Commons from erix!

Preparing for Success

Dear Student Affairs Candidate

I’m thinking of you as conference season is upon us.  NASPA, TPE, OPE, ACPA are all just around the corner.  It’s a beautiful thing when talent hits opportunity and all your academic and practical experience finds a home in your first or next professional position.  I wish all of you the very best and offer the preparation advice* below for your consideration.  Take what you want, leave your words of wisdom in the comments, and follow the hyperlinks and google your questions for further insights.  Most of all, bring your best self, maximize the opportunities and own your choices.


  • Your twitter name is the name you use and are known by or the closest possible available option
  • Your avatar is a quality headshot- smiling face, professional attire, you by yourself- no pets,peeps,toys or tots
  • Your bio reflects your brand and maximizes the 160 characters
  • You’ve inserted your LinkedIn address as your website
  • When you choose to tweet…
    • Tweet who you are: engage, add value, build relationships, repeat
    • RT great content, celebrate & applaud the accomplishments of others, be generous, connect others
    • Don’t tweet about the number of interviews high or low that you’ve been offered.  We are looking to hire quality candidates who are engaged in selective, purposeful searches.
    • Don’t tweet about your rejections-we’ve all been there and we’re sorry but telling the world that you’ve received rejection #22 is not productive
    • Avoid too much” I, me, my, mine, more about me” tweets and tweeting about yourself in the third person- including creating you centered hashtags, or twitter names and bios that include guru, expert, king,  queen, or princess of power


  • Your email name is the name you use or the closest possible available option
  • If you currently hold a position at a university your search email is not your university work email
  • Your reply signature to search related inquires includes the same address information found on your resume/coverletter (non-work phone with professional voicemail message)


-LinkedIn is so Much More than a collection of business cards

  • Your LinkedIn account is 100% complete, real name, professional (looking) headshot
  • You have 3-7 endorsements –short well written statements that speak specifically to your achievements, skills, and talents
  • Your LinkedIn invitations are extended to people you know and who know you
  • You replace the standard LinkedIn invitation with a personalized message every time
  • Download & learn to use the CardMunch App on your iPhone

So much more to say and add…please share your suggestions in the comment section.

*Is any advice really original? Someone fabulous shared much of the above with me and it’s worked for me…choose what works for you and move forward with positive intent.

“Remember who you are & what you represent.” ~Bob Stewart 1988

My Best~ Teri

Discover your #OneWord2012

As we closed out 2011 Becca Obergefell(@oberbecca) posted her thoughts on her #oneword2011 and encouraged the #wlsalt #sachat twitter community who participated to share.  Now we’ve moved into 2012 Niki Rudolph (@Nikirudolph) is gathering all your #oneword2012 to put into a wordle on Friday. You can see all the amazing words that have already been selected by following the hashtag #oneword2012 or check out the NEW Google doc -linked below.   While the words have come easily for some still others are working to find their word.  Here are some thoughts to assist you as you discover your word.

2012 will be best if you own it from the very start.  Find a #oneword2012 you will be proud of and bring your best self to life every day.  I hope you’ll choose to share your word with Niki* and use the #oneword2012 hashtag.  Feel free to invite your friends, family and colleagues’  to participate as well.

*Update:1/3/12 Niki has added a Google Doc so you can insert your #oneword2012 along with a blog post if you wish. https://t.co/Ee4JgYlx

My best to you- T

Please comment & share your suggestions. How did you discover your word?

Origin of #OneWord

2011 #oneword resolution

Jan 3, 2011

My #oneword resolution: ‘IN” depending on the day: innovate, initiate, inspire, instigate, involve, invent, invite…



Now…Dec 15, 2011

Outcomes: 105,000 United miles, Marriott Gold & Hilton Diamond, 32 Conferences, 30 presentations & most importantly a year blessed with  numerous interactions with new & old friends & sheros.  I remain invested…and encourage you to join me in 2012. Go all in.  Wishing you joy- Teri